New York Public Library

Event Listings Discovery and Redesign

The library hosts over 50,000 programs, classes and exhibitions each year,  but due to poor internet architecture and no workflow for content creators, amongst other issues, the listings section of was nearly unusable. 

I worked with members of the marketing, event programming, and web strategy teams to create a better experience. There was a lot of general attendance data about the events, but there was no deeper information. I suggested user research, but there was initially pushback as many of the members of the team believed they already knew exactly what the users wanted. I was able to convince the group on the value of the research, and thus set out to discover who we really were designing for.  I was able to spend a week observing and speaking with Library patrons, both at branches and in their homes and offices. From this research, I was able to create personas representing the five main archetypes I encountered. I also discovered some insights that were all the groups desired, such as an easier to use search function and more photos.  I then brought my findings back to the group and led them through a design studio, yielding a sketch of the new site. I then created wireframes for both a desktop and mobile experience.

This is where the journey started, the old home page of the listings site.

From many interviews, I created personas illustrating the varied audience of the site.

I first created low resolution wireframes for desktop and mobile

After several feedback loops, I created a more detailed view that included interaction information.