Nokia hired Rassak Experience to help them understand what the future of the workplace would look like. Armed with a smart phone lent to me by Nokia and my Skype account, I hit the streets, college campuses, office spaces, and the Internet to find out. I interviewed current employees from around the world, students at top tier schools who were soon to enter the workforce, and third party contractors ranging from freelance developers to companies like Smart Design and IDEO. 

From these interviews, I created personas representing the main archetypes that Nokia should consider when designing the future office space.  I also edited the videos to capture the core statement that each person had. I then created a custom video player using Brightcove in order to present my findings to Nokia stakeholders from around the world. 

"Jessica" persona

How do you work? The faces of Nokia, present and future. Captured on a Nokia N96 and Skype.