Frictionless Donation Platform


Project Type: New Product Design

Platforms: Responsive Web Application, iOS and Android coming soon.

Sectors: Financial, Non-Profit, Donation

Keywords: Product Development, Product Management (Visual Design, UX Designers, Developers), Feature Discovery, Information Architecture (User Flows, Wireframing), UI/UX Design


MyChange allows users to connect a credit card and then automatically rounds up credit and to the nearest dollar and donates the change to the organizations, causes, and candidates you care about.

One of the biggest challenges of the project was to create a workflow for onboarding new users that would immediately create trust as well as help the user match to the types of things they would be interested in donating to.


As product architect, I led the discovery and design of the whole application inception to launch. I created workflows, wireframes, and managed team of engineers and visual designers to develop the web application.



Worked with co-founders to tease out what the product really is and then worked with them to build User Stories and prioritize what features needed to be in MVP. 

It was an amazing Discovery Session in a design studio as the founders were eager to participate. It helped them refine their business model -- basing on reality versus ideas on paper. They quickly understand the value. The photos from this session speak for themselves. 



Since we building a new product onboarding was extremely important. The goal was to make the process as simple as possible to encourage users to get a get credit card linked into the system as quickly as possible.

Onboarding -- crucial because we had to get users to sign up as quick as possible while navigating all the steps AND it’s not a well known brand, so create an experience that brings about trust. 

Behind the scenes

Simplicity of the financial transaction was key to the end user experience.  But to make the a seamless end user experience, actually involved passing the transaction through four different financial systems! We worked closely with the Senior Architect to established. He helped me understand all the systems (50 pages of documentation/system) and figure out what system would be the most financially sound. We needed to see that the transaction had been processed and then siphon off the change and map that to the chosen organization. Users can even split the proceeds to up to five different organizations. So each month, a bulk payout would happen for each organization.