Futureorbit is a design consultancy based in San Francisco.


Ben Holland-Arlen

Head of Design / Founder

I'm User Experience and Product Designer based in San Francisco and Brooklyn, who is open to global opportunities. I focus on working collaboratively across teams and departments to quickly solve problems and develop great products.

I'm a big fan of "Lean" methodologies, especially the concepts, "Build, Measure, Learn," and "Get out of the building," as the sooner you get a product in the hands of your users, the less chance there is of creating something that doesn't match what your audience wants. If this sounds like the way you want to work or if these concepts are new to you, let's talk! I love teaching and mentoring. 

In addition to UX and Product Design, I have an extensive background in digital marketing and content strategy. I have worked on projects for Nokia, Weight Watchers, XM Radio, BigFix (now part of IBM's Tivoli Suite), and the Stanford Research Institute (the folks who created the mouse, SIRI, and many other wonderful things that are now household names). I also have experience working with clients in tech (enterprise and consumer), food and beverage, pharma, entertainment, health and wellness, finance, and education.

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